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--- Related links.

This is a list of all links, related ICQ systems. Some of them related to ICQ client clones and ICQ systems development. If you find a broken or non-related link(s), please, send me a letter.

1. AOL official site http://www.icq.com
2. AOL Groupware server page http://www.icq.com/groupware
3. Henrik Isaksson's ICQ hacking page http://www.algonet.se/~henisak/icq/
4. Magnus Ihses ICQ protocol site http://www.d.kth.se/~d95-mih/icq/
5. ICQ library project page http://kicq.sourceforge.net/
6. Licq ICQ client clone http://www.licq.org/
7. mIcq ICQ client clone http://micq.maesoft.net/
8. CenterIcq ICQ client clone http://konst.org.ua/software.centericq.html
9. Unofficial ICQv7 protocol documentation http://www.rejetto.com/icq/
10. OSCAR ICQ V7/V8/V9 information http://iserverd.khstu.ru/oscar/

If you have a link, you think should be here, send it to me. I'll check and probably add it to this list. All pages listed here (exept AOL's) are usefull to study ICQ protocols. You can do this by reading specifications or by reading clones source code.

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