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--- Frequently asked questions.

  • Why did you name it IServerd ?
  • What OS was designed IServerd for ?
  • Is there any minimal hardware requirements for IServerd ?
  • Who else work on this project ?
  • Why did you choose BSD license ?
  • Are there another IM servers exist ?
  • Why don't you use CVS ?
  • Why do you use PostgreSQL, not mySQL ?
  • What clients should I use with IServerd ?
  • Can I communicate with global ICQ users ?
  • You told about full V3 support, but ICQ98a doesn't work!
  • When I'll be able to use ICQ2000a,b with IServerd ?
  • Is it possible to link several IServerd servers ?
  • I want to bind IServerd on all interfaces, but can't.
  • I have setup auto-registration, but it doesn't work.
  • Is it possible to view all users, connected to IServerd ?
  • What for "Admin email" option purposed ?
  • Can I split config into several parts or merge it into one ?
  • I found unknown packet in debug.log, what should I do ?
  • I run IServerd at first time, but it writes error messages about non-existing tables.
  • I found a socket file named wwp_sock in temp directory. What is it?
  • Are there any RPM binaries for Linux ?
  • The IControl write "Password error" after starting ? Why ?
  • IServerd can't create database table --> "... string too big", is it normal ?
  • Miranda ICQ work with server only several minutes and then goes offline
  • I installed IServerd. Icq99a works, but Icq2k clients doesn't. Why?
  • Can't create semaphores. Error: [No space left on device]
  • How to add new field into users_info_ext table ?

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