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--- Credits.

It is very pleasant to me telling you about all mens, who help me in this hard work. This is allways pleasant. Now, looking backward, i realise that without help of this people i could do nothing.

  • First of all I want to thanks Governing an Informatization department of Khabarovsk State Technical Univercity for web hosting and work station(s).
  • Also I should express thanks to my co-workers for their patience to my incoherent outcries and walking around table during work on IServerd.. :)
  • Thanks to Dmitry Panov for his immeasurable help with licence, documentation, time zones and other...
  • Thanks to Alaric Dailey (Destroyer) for his help with databases and Postgres. He was the man, who push me to start make this project real :)
  • Thanks to Samba team for their excellent config parser!
  • Thanks to Andy Shevchenko for helping with documentation and linux rpm building.
  • Thanks to Maxim Shaposhnikov (Shapa) for his help in porting and moral support
  • Thanks to Valentin Nechaev for his help with binding interface
  • Thanks to Schelstraete Bart for scripting.
  • Thanks to Egor Schegolkov for IServerd code improovements
  • Thanks to Elias Shtift for oscar protocol module addons
  • Thanks to Roman Kuzmenkov for high-load testing & bugreports
  • Thanks to all men who show (will show) me my mistakes and bugs :)...

    If you want to help me in this work and you know C++ or have experience with databases you can send a letter to me.

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